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Why H.O.T as a Clothing Line?

We have always looked for ways to express our creativity and share with the world some of our personal (unpopular) beliefs. Jorge's brain is specially full of great ideas, and I have always been there to support him and help him carry them out.

Back in 2019, we started writing down funny quotes our friends would blurt out, or things we would hear around - pretty much things people like us would say. The list became long and some of these quotes were too good not to share! One day, as we were having breakfast at a restaurant in Miami, we talked about how great it would be to wear these quotes out and about, and see people's reactions as they read things like "la que no es puta, no disfruta" or "daddy in training". See, many of our quotes started as inside jokes between the two of us, but with time we found out people would connect with them too!

We wanted to make our own shirts, so Jorge began researching how to screen print at home. After a few trials and errors, we finally were able to make our first two shirts: "daddy" and "boy toy". In HOT lingo, a daddy is a well looking guy who appears to be in control of a successful life, and a boy toy is a well looking gent who has a light hearted outlook in life. Both these shirts (as well as all of our current designs) identified us perfectly. After seeing the positive feedback we received from our friends and everyone who got to see us rocking our new shirts, we decided to make it a business. We started offering our models on Etsy and to our surprise, they were selling! People were identifying with our designs as well!

What started as a hobby, has turned into the adventure of our lives. Almost 2 years since that breakfast, we think we are in the right path to keep creating our brand and leave our legacy, as House of Trouble.

House of Trouble is more than a place, it is a vibe, a lifestyle. It is on the corner of innocent and thought-provocative actions, it is smart yet raunchy, and even though very risque and naughty, we like to keep it minimalist and classy.


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